Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen

Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen
University of Hull, Department of Geography
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Born in Dresden, left East Germany in 1956 and eventually trained as a geographer in Adelaide, South Australia: first research degree in geomorphology. also studied German literature and a bit of economics and geology, later married a plasma physicist and lived for several decades close to people discussing energy matters, including fusion. This prepared me for my later "Inter or Multi-disciplinary" research career in policy analysis, espcially of the energy-environment linkage.

She has edited the Journal Energy & Environment (UK, Multi-Science) sinced 1998. Her Phd studied the limits to the international control of marine pollution and later, circumstance, such as working with the Energy Group at SPRU, Sussex University, ensured that she focused on environmental politics and policy-formation in Germany, Britain, the EU and the World as this related to energy policy.

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