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OGEL 4 (2010) - Indigenous People and Resources Development (addendum)

Published 9 September 2011

The following paper has been added to the Indigenous People and Resources Development special:

  • The Chad-Cameroon Export Project and The Bakola Pygmies
    by Dr. Loc Simonet


    Launched in July 1992 by a consortium formed by Esso Exploration and Production Chad Inc. (EEPCI), acting as operator, and Shell, and inaugurated on October 10, 2003, the Chad-Cameroon export project links the three oilfields in the Doba basin in southwestern Chad to the Cameroonese port of Kribi. Its centerpiece is an oil pipeline of large diameter and a length of 1076 km. (including 900 km in Cameroon), along which three pumping stations have been built, two in Cameroonese territory. Beyond Kribi, a last section leads to an offshore loading buoy moored in deep water, a dozen miles from the coast of Cameroon, so that tankers can carry the load of crude oil safely.

You can find the table of contents of the entire special here

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