Relationship Between General Competition Laws and Sector Specific Energy Regulation

OGEL 1 (2010),
in Antitrust in the Energy Sector

Talus, Kim
Kuoppamäki, Petri


The field of law that we call European Energy Law is a mixture of two interrelated legal regimes: the sector specific energy market regulation and the general EU law, competition law in particular. While also other areas of EU law, such as the provisions on state aid, free movement of goods and services, freedom of establishment and general principles of EU law, just to name a few, have a significant effect on the energy markets, the role and significance of EU competition law, in particular, has increased after the initial efforts towards opening of the markets.[1] While there are ...

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Suggested Citation

K. Talus; P. Kuoppamäki; "Relationship Between General Competition Laws and Sector Specific Energy Regulation"
OGEL 1 (2010),