Oil, Gas, and the Arctic Continental Shelf: What Conflict?

OGEL 2 (2012),
in Polar Energy Law (Arctic, Antarctic)

Baker, Betsy


This article seeks to dispel the widely disseminated myth that there is an aggressive and escalating race for resources in the Arctic. It does so by explaining that all Arctic coastal states are committed to following the same procedures for mapping their extended continental shelves (beyond 200 nautical miles) under Article 76 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. In three sections, this article offers a Fact Check, a Reality Check and a Policy Check. First, it corrects misleading interpretations of events behind some reports on mapping the Arctic continental shelf. Next, ...

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Suggested Citation

B. Baker; "Oil, Gas, and the Arctic Continental Shelf: What Conflict?"
OGEL 2 (2012), www.ogel.org

URL: www.ogel.org/article.asp?key=3251