List of 250 Laws/Regulations Uploaded (March 2007)


Our collection continues to grow - the following files have been added to the OGEL Legal & Regulatory database (random order):

  1. Code of Electricity Transmission of Albania
  2. Law no 172 of 2006 on Commercialization of Electricity of Portugal
  3. Electricity Market Balancing and Settlement Regulation of Turkey
  4. Law no 237-B of 2006 on Electricity Transmission Tariffs of Portugal
  5. Law Nº 14.181 on Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons of Uruguay
  6. Petroleum Exploration and Production Regulations of Uganda
  7. Electricity Market Customer Services Regulation of Turkey
  8. Law on Natural Monopolies of Uzbekistan
  9. Gas Tariff Regulation 2006 of Uruguay
  10. Arbitration Act of Zambia
  11. Methodology of Power Tariffs for Public Generation Company in Albania
  12. Electricity Metering Code of Albania
  13. Decree no 87-158 of 1987 of Algeria Relating to the Role of Foreign Corporations in the Exploitation of the Liquid Hydrocarbons
  14. Decree no 88- 34 of February 16 1988 Relating to Exploitation of the Hydrocarbons of Algeria
  15. Decree 77 on Buying and Selling Electric Power of Uruguay
  16. Law no 7746 of 1994 on Petroleum of Albania
  17. Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited v. Independent Power Tanzania Limited
  18. Decree on Good Mining Practices of Algeria (Decree no 04-95)
  19. Law no 198 (2003) of Portugal on Electricity
  20. Amendment of Decree on Funds of the Mining Public Patrimony of Algeria 2005
  21. American Manufacturing and Trading Inc v Democratic Republic of the Congo
  22. Methodology of Power Tariffs for sales to captive customers in Albania
  23. Energy Efficiency Law of Albania
  24. Consortium R.F.C.C. v. Kingdom of Morocco
  25. Biwater Gauff (Tanzania) Limited v. United Republic of Tanzania
  26. Middle East Cement Shipping and Handling Co. S.A. v. Arab Republic of Egypt
  27. Mining Decree no 03-506 of 2003 of Algeria
  28. Corn Products International, Inc. v. United Mexican States
  29. Law on Creation of Regulating Unit of Electric Power of Uruguay
  30. Mining Decree on the Criterion of the Reductions Applicable to the Royalty of Extraction of Algeria 2002
  31. Mining Rule Relating to Ground Supports of Algeria 2004
  32. Model License for Construction, Installation and Generation Electricity of Albania
  33. Communiqué Regarding Regulation of Distribution System Revenue of Turkey
  34. Model License for Distribution of Electricity of Albania
  35. Champion Trading Company and Ameritrade International, Inc. v. Arab Republic of Egypt
  36. Banro American Resources, Inc. and Société Aurifère du Kivu et du Maniema S.A.R.L. v. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  37. Electricity Act of Zambia
  38. Model of Mining Convention of Algeria
  39. Decree on Funds of the Mining Public Patrimony of Algeria 2002
  40. Decree on the List of Specific Facilities Exempted from VAT and Duties, Taxes and Customs Fees in Algeria
  41. Petroleum Products Regulations 2000 of Namibia
  42. Oil Pollution of Maritime Areas Act of Antigua and Barbuda
  43. Ordinance of 2006 Relating to Hydrocarbon of Algeria
  44. Decree on the Specific Status of the Mine Police of Algeria (Decree no 04 150 of 2004)
  45. Petroleum Activities Law of Angola
  46. Repsol YPF Ecuador S.A. v. Empresa Estatal Petroleos del Ecuador (Petroecuador)
  47. Plama Consortium Limited v. Republic of Bulgaria
  48. MTD Equity Sdn. Bhd. and MTD Chile S.A. v. Chile
  49. Electricity (Licence Fees) Regulations of Uganda 2003
  50. Presidential Decree of Algeria Statutes of the Algerian Corporation of the Electricity and of SONELGAZ
  51. Regulation on licensing Procedure for Power Sector of Albania
  52. Consortium Groupement L.E.S.I. - DIPENTA v. Algeria
  53. Petroleum Products and Energy Amendment Act 2000 of Namibia
  54. Model License for Transmission of Electricity of Albania
  55. Algerian Executive Decree no 05- 476 of December 2005 Relating to Hassi Rmel Zone
  56. Amco Asia Corporation and others v Republic of Indonesia
  57. Decree on Mining Activity of Collecting, Collection and or Gathering of Algeria 2002
  58. Model License for Electricity Generation under 5 MW of Albania
  59. Decree on the Income Distribution of the Superficiary Tax and Extraction Royalty of the Mining Industry of Algeria 2002
  60. Sempra Energy International v. Argentine Republic
  61. Patrick Mitchell v. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  62. Electricity Tariffs of Albania for 2004
  63. El Paso Energy International Company v. Argentine Republic
  64. Electricity Tariffs of Albania for 2003
  65. Aguas del Tunari S.A. v. Republic of Bolivia
  66. Regulation on Production and Transportation of Hydrocarbons of Algeria (Decree n°88-35 of February 16 1988)
  67. Electricity Tariffs of Albania for 2005
  68. Emilio Agustín Maffezini v. Kingdom of Spain
  69. Enron Corporation and Ponderosa Assets, L.P. v. Argentine Republic
  70. Azurix Corp. v. Argentine Republic
  71. Executive Decree no 02 194 of 2002 of Algeria Relating to the Supply of the Electricity and Gas
  72. Executive Decree no 05 477 of 2005 of Algeria Concerning Berkine Zone
  73. Impregilo S.p.A. v. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  74. Eudoro A. Olguín v. Republic of Paraguay
  75. Law n° 04-09 of 2004 of Algeria Relating to Promotion of the Renewable Energies in the Framework of the Sustainable Development
  76. Law Relating to the Hydrocarbons of Algeria 2005
  77. Communiqué Regarding Preparation of Retail Contract in The Electricity Market of Turkey
  78. Klöckner Industrie Anlagen GmbH and others v United Republic of Cameroon and Société Camerounaise des Engrais
  79. Law n° 05-07 of 2005 of Algeria Relating to the Hydrocarbons
  80. Law no 86-14 of August 1986 of Algeria Relating to Exploitation and of Transportation of Hydrocarbons
  81. Communiqué Regarding Determination of Transmission and Distribution Connection Charges of Turkey
  82. Antoine Goetz and others v. Republic of Burundi
  83. Bridas v. Turkmenistan
  84. Law no 9072 of 2003 on Power Sector of Albania
  85. Law Relating to Electricity and Gas Distribution by Pipes of Algeria
  86. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Korfez Electricity Distribution Company) of Turkey
  87. Joy Mining Machinery Limited v. Arab Republic of Egypt
  88. LG&E Energy Corp., LG&E Capital Corp. and LG&E International Inc. v. Argentine Republic
  89. Market Rules for Electricity Market of Albania
  90. Maritime International Nominees Establishment v Republic of Guinea
  91. Marvin Roy Feldman Karpa v. United Mexican States
  92. Lucchetti S.A. and Lucchetti Peru, S.A. v. Republic of Peru
  93. Methodology for Power Distribution Tariffs in Albania
  94. ADF Group Inc. v. United States of America
  95. Bayindir Insaat Turizm Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S. v. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  96. Method for Determining the Quantity of Minerals to Have Been Extracted in Algeria (Order of 26 July 2003)
  97. Methods and Procedures of Attribution of the Mining Titles of Algeria
  98. Archer Daniels Midland Company and Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas, Inc. v. United Mexican States
  99. Regulation on Open Cast Mining by Dissolution of Minerals of Algeria 2004
  100. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Bogazici Electricity Distribution Company) of Turkey
  101. Departmental Order on Lists of Mineral Substances of Algeria 2002
  102. Regulation on Mine Drainage of Algeria (Order of 6 June 2004)
  103. Special Rules of Algeria Relating to the Supply Contracts of Gas and Electricity 2005
  104. Regulation on Tariffication of the Transportation by Channelling of the Hydrocarbons of Algeria (No JORA- 083 du 18- 11- 1992)
  105. Western NIS Enterprise Fund v. Ukraine
  106. Regulation on the Transportation and Circulations of Persons and Goods in Underground Mines of Algeria 2004
  107. Rules and Procedures for Power Plants under 5 MW of Albania
  108. Communiqué Regarding Connection to and Use of Transmission and Distribution Systems in the Electricity Market of Turkey
  109. SGS Société Générale de Surveillance S.A. v. Republic of the Philippines
  110. Rules of procedure of the National Geological and Mining Oversight Agency of Algeria
  111. Robert Azinian and others v. United Mexican States
  112. Electricity (Quality of Service Code) Regulations Uganda 2003
  113. SGS Société Générale de Surveillance S.A. v. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  114. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Karaelmas Electricity Distribution Company) of Turkey
  115. Decree on Register Form of the Mineral and Fossil Substances Exploited in Sea 2002 of Algeria
  116. Safety Rules Relating to Mining Activities of Algeria 2004
  117. Rules of Practice and Procedure for Electricity Regulatory Entity of Albania
  118. Siemens, AG v. Argentine Republic
  119. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Sakarya Electricity Distribution Company) of Turkey
  120. Southern Pacific Properties (Middle East) Limited v Arab Republic of Egypt
  121. Law on Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons of Uruguay
  122. Technical Conditions and Rules Relative to Specific Mine Parameters Associated with Open Cast Mining of Algeria 2004
  123. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Trakya Electricity Distribution Company) Regulation of Turkey
  124. Suez, Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona S.A. and Vivendi Universal S.A. v. Argentine Republic
  125. Electricity Market Distribution Regulation of Turkey
  126. Terms and Conditions of Payment of All Duties, Fees or Penalties in Mining Industry of Algeria 2003
  127. Application Form for License under Electricity Act of Uganda
  128. Resolution 489-998 on Designation of ANCAP of Uruguay
  129. Transitory Electricity Market Model of Albania
  130. Electricity Market Tariffs Regulation of Turkey
  131. Waste Management, Inc. v. United Mexican States
  132. Amendment and supplement to the law on foreign investment in Vietnam
  133. Regulation on the Conditions for the Use of Mining Machines of Algeria 2004
  134. Electricity Market Licensing Regulation of Turkey
  135. Communiqué Regarding Regulation of Transmission System Operation Revenue of Turkey
  136. Law Nº 8.764 on Creation ANCAP of Uruguay
  137. EIA Regulations of Zambia
  138. Communiqué on Principles and Procedures for Selection if More Than One Application for Generation of Electricity of Turkey
  139. Law no 99- 09 of 1999 of Algeria Relating to Ministry of the Energy
  140. Joseph Charles Lemire v. Ukraine
  141. Electricity Market Eligible Consumer Regulation of Turkey
  142. Electricity Market Grid Regulation of Turkey
  143. Arbitration Code of Turkmenistan
  144. Communiqué Regarding Regulation of Market Management Revenue of Turkey
  145. Regulation on Mine drainage of Algeria 2004
  146. Communiqué Regarding Regulation of Retail Service Revenue and Retail Prices of Turkey
  147. Decree 77-006 on Celebration of Special Contracts of Buying and Selling of Electric Power on the Part of UTE of Uruguay
  148. Law no 192 (2004) of Portugal on Energy
  149. Communiqué Regarding The Principles and Procedures of Financial Settlement In The Electricity Market of Turkey
  150. Methods and Conditions of Status and Inscription for Experts in Geological and Mining Investigations of Algeria
  151. Decree 294-2000 on SGR of Uruguay
  152. Model License for Construction, Instalment and Generation under 5MW of Albania
  153. Autopista Concesionada de Venezuela, C.A. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  154. Methodology for Power Transmission Tariff in Albania
  155. Methods of Adjudication of Mining Titles of Algeria
  156. Law no 7491 of 1991 on the Electrical Power of Albania
  157. Camuzzi International S.A. v. Argentine Republic
  158. Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka, A.S. v. The Slovak Republic
  159. Code of Electricity Distribution of Albania
  160. Model License for Generation of Electricity of Albania
  161. CMS Gas Transmission Company v. Argentine Republic
  162. Code of Conduct for technical and non-technical staff of ERE of Albania
  163. ADC Affiliate Limited and ADC & ADMC Management Limited v. Republic of Hungary
  164. Conservation Rules in Algeria of the Hydrocarbon Deposits and of Protection of the associated Aquifers (Executive Decree No 94 -43 of January 30 1994)
  165. Regulation on Method for Determining the Quantity of Minerals of Algeria (Order of 26 July 2003)
  166. Compañía de Aguas del Aconquija S.A. & Vivendi Universal v. Argentine Republic
  167. Compañía del Desarrollo de Santa Elena S.A. v. Republic of Costa Rica
  168. Law no 184 (2003) of Portugal on Commercialization and Import and Export of Electricity
  169. Decree (no 87 157 of July 21 1987) on Classification of the Research Zones and Exploitation of the Hydrocarbons of Algeria
  170. Mining Act 2001 of Algeria
  171. Distribution of Consumption and Billing - Access tariffs of Spain
  172. Electricity (Installation Permits) Regulations of Uganda 2003
  173. Policy on Exemption from Taxes or Customs Royalties for Equipments of Algeria (Order no 02-257 of 2006)
  174. Electricity (Primary Grid Code) Regulations of Uganda 2003
  175. Salini Costruttori S.p.A. and Italstrade S.p.A. v. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  176. Regulation on Supply and Traffic of GNC (Resolution 26 -2003) of Uruguay
  177. Models of the Schedules of Conditions of the Mining Activities of Algeria
  178. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Baskent Electricity Distribution Company) Regulation of Turkey
  179. Mineral Law of Uruguay
  180. Victor Pey Casado and President Allende Foundation v. Republic of Chile
  181. LESI, S.p.A. and Astaldi, S.p.A. v. People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  182. National Law of Electricity of Uruguay
  183. Mining Law of Angola
  184. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (Meram Electricity Distribution Company) of Turkey
  185. Société d'Investigation de Recherche et d'Exploitation Minière v. Burkina Faso
  186. Electricity Distribution Tariffs (TEDAS) Regulation of Turkey
  187. Electricity Market Import and Export Regulation of Turkey
  188. Técnicas Medioambientales Tecmed, S.A. v. United Mexican States
  189. Rules of Procedure of the National Mining Heritage Agency of Algeria
  190. Communiqué Regarding Regulatory Accounting Guidelines of Turkey
  191. Electricity Market License Fees Regulation of Turkey
  192. Tokios Tokelés v. Ukraine
  193. Electricity Tariff Regulation 2007 of Uruguay
  194. Energy Regulation Act of Zambia
  195. Electricity Tariffs (Distribution) Regulation of Uganda
  196. Law Nº 17.453 on IMESI Gas for Vehicles of Uruguay
  197. Procedure of the Registration of Copyright of Geological Information of Algeria
  198. Investment Code Act of Uganda
  199. Enterprise Law of Vietnam
  200. Environmental Protection (Amendment) Act 1999 of Zambia
  201. Greek Grid and Exchange Code
  202. Law no 29 of 2006 on Organization and Operation of National Electric System of Portugal
  203. Income Tax Act of Zambia
  204. Law Nº 17-448 on Demonopolization of Importing, Export and Refining of crude oil of Uruguay
  205. Law no 36 (2004) of Portugal on the Consumers of Electric Energy
  206. Law no 52 (2004) of Portugal on National Net of Transport of Electric Energy (RNT)
  207. Communiqué Regarding the Meters to be used in the Electricity Market of Turkey
  208. Metalclad Corporation v. United Mexican States
  209. Alex Genin, Eastern Credit Limited, Inc. and A.S. Baltoil v. The Republic of Estonia
  210. Law no 185 (2003) of Portugal on Creation of a Competitive and Free Market of Electric Energy
  211. Methods of Establishment of Mineral Inventory and Mode of Presentation of the Annual Balance Sheet of Mineral Resources and of the Mining Reserves of Algeria
  212. Law no 240 (2004) of Portugal on Energy
  213. Mining Rules for Protection against Underground Fires of Algeria 2004
  214. Law Nº 16.832 - Creation Regulating Unit of electric power of Uruguay
  215. Environmental Protection Act 1990 of Zambia
  216. Law Nº 17-567 on National Interest of the Production of Substitute, Renewable, and Alternative Fuels of the By-products of the Petroleum of Uruguay
  217. Regulation no 10 319 (2005) on the Interface of Electricity and Natural Gas of Portugal
  218. Law on Corporate Income Tax of Vietnam
  219. Portuguese Regulation (2005) on Energy
  220. Mining Decree no 04-190 of 2004 of Algeria
  221. Law on Creation Regulating Unit of Services of Energy and Water of Uruguay
  222. Regulation on Partial suspension of the Plan of Savings and Energy Efficiency of Uruguay
  223. Electricity Transmission System Supply Reliability and Quality Regulation of Turkey
  224. Law on Demonopolisation of Import, Export and Refining of Crude Oil of Uruguay
  225. Energy Price Components of Spain
  227. Regulation on Gas Connection Charges 2006 of Uruguay
  228. Law On Technology Transfer Draft 28 July 2006 of Vietnam
  229. Regulation on Plan of savings and energy efficiency of Uruguay
  230. Law On the Regime of Foreign Investments of Ukraine
  231. Mineral Regulation of Uruguay
  232. Tradex Hellas S.A. v. Republic of Albania
  233. Mines and Mineral Act of Zambia
  234. Suez, Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona S.A. and Interagua Servicios Integrales de Agua S.A. v. Argentine Republic
  235. Petroleum Act of Zambia
  236. Portuguese Regulation no 1-A (2005) on Energy
  237. Regulation 67- 002 on Exoneration of VAT to Complete Teams of Generation of Renewable Energy of Uruguay
  238. Notice of Intended Application under Electricity Act of Uganda
  239. Regulation Concerning Electricity Demand Forecast of Turkey
  240. Regulation no 10 317(2005) on Electricity and Natural of Portugal
  241. Regulation no 14 315 (2003) of Portugal on Electricity Relating to Costs of maintenance of the contractual equilibrium (CMEC)
  242. Law on Environment Protection of Turkmenistan
  243. Regulation no 455 (2005) on the Utilization of Energy Potential and Rationalization of Consumption (MAPE) of Portugal
  244. Law Nº 17-598 on Creation Regulating Unit of Services of Energy and Water of Uruguay
  245. Regulation no 4672 (2005) on Electricity of Portugal
  246. Law on Tax to the Incomes of the Industry and the Commerce of Uruguay
  247. Regulation on Principles and Procedures for Granting Guarantee of Origin of Turkey
  248. Electricity (Safety Code) Regulations of Uganda 2003
  249. Communiqué Regarding Regulation of Transmission System Revenue of Turkey
  250. Resolution 1-001 on South Cross Gas Pipeline Promotion of Uruguay

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