Help / FAQ for OGEL contributing authors

Here are some Frequently Asked questions, but do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

I want to submit a paper for publication

If you want to submit papers for publication, have a look at our submission guidelines first and then contact us.

I'm a (Ph.d) student, will you publish my paper / thesis?

We are interested in publishing good quality student papers, but when you submit your paper or thesis please include the following information:
- Name and contact details (e-mail) of your student supervisor
- Whether or not it is endorsed for publication
- The mark you received for the paper (if any)
Your article will be peer reviewed prior to publication and you will be informed whether or not it will be published. See also #7 below.

I want to receive an "off print" of my article

You should have received your "off print" as soon as it was published. If you have not received it or have lost it just contact us and ask.

My author profile is no longer correct, I need to update it

If you want update your author profile please send us the following information:

  • Your full name & title
  • Your Company, University or Organization name
  • Website address
  • E-mail address (only visible for our registered readers after they sign in)
  • 150-200 words on your own/your firm/organisations professional services provided, expertise, competence...
  • A digital photo, as a separate file

Can I publish my article on my own/firms/organisations website?

Yes you can. If you do, please use the PDF as you have received it from us which include the OGEL cover page indicating the source. Upon request we can modify the cover page to better suit your needs.

A link back to the OGEL website ( would also be appreciated very much.

How should I cite my OGEL article?

Have a look at your author profile and look up your article. On the article page you will find the suggested citation.

Suggested format:

Author Name; "Title of your article"


T.W. Wälde; "Renegotiating Oil & Gas Investment: Investor Responses & Remedies"
OGEL 4 (2007),


Academic referee policy for the OGEL journal

As a rule, submissions of academic articles will be subject to a process of anonymous academic referee assessment. That policy will not always be applied to brief professional comments.


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