Help / FAQ for OGEL subscribers

Here are some Frequently Asked questions, but do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.


  1. How do I join the OGELFORUM listserv?

    If you are already a subscriber simply ask. If you are not a subscriber we might be able to arrange a trial membership.

  2. Can we add extra users to our subscription?

    Yes, that is not a problem. An additional fee per user will be added to your subscription fee. Contact us to discuss the various options.

  3. I am changing jobs, can I take my OGEL / OGELFORUM account with me?

    Unless it is a personal subscription the answer is no. Your employer pays for a specific number of users which could can change over time. If someone changes jobs, the account will be transferred to another employee.

  4. Is OGEL available in online services such as JSTOR, Westlaw, HeinOnline, Lexis-Nexis etc?

    No. To access material published on the OGEL you will need a separate subscription. Note that apart from the types listed here we offer IP based access as well. Please ask your library to contact us to discuss the options.

Upgrade your subscription to include the Archive

If you currently do not have access to all published volumes you can upgrade your subscription immediately by contacting us. We will change your account settings as soon as possible so you have direct access to all published issues of our OGEL Journal. Invoicing will be done shortly after that.

Gildeweg 7 A
2632 BD Nootdorp
The Netherlands
Phone: Work: +31-15-2029210

Problems with downloading material

IP access with email confirmation

  1. I entered my email address to confirm a download request but I do not receive the email.

    A) make sure you enter a valid and working email address. B) check your spam folder.
    If you are sure you entered a correct address and you still do not receive the confirmation email (sender is please contact your library staff, they will be able to assist you (and us) in resolving your problem. Perhaps there is a special procedure you need to follow, you are inadvertently using an incorrect email address etc.

    If you do not know whom to contact let us know and we will forward your request for assistance on your behalf.

  2. I am signed in, but when I try to download a document I'm redirected to the homepage.

    Please contact us with as much information as possible:
    - Your operating system (Windows version, Apple, Linux)
    - Used browser and version (Internet Explorer 8/9/10, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc)
    - Document you try to download.

    If you are in a hurry: switching to another browser as the one you are currently are using might help. There are portable versions of most popular browsers so there is no need to install a program, unpacking a ZIP file and starting the new browser is usually all it takes.
    Search for "portable YOUR PREFERRED ALTERNATIVE browser" or ask contact IT department for assistance.